Our Story

Our NYOS story

The NYOS woman carries all the energy, class and perfectionism of all the independent, travelled and strong woman from all parts of the world. We awaken their natural and intrinsic sensuality, to she who multiplies herself in a thousand tasks and divides herself into multiple facets, and our constant bet is the body sensuality and appreciation of every real woman.
NYOS emerged in 2014 with the aim of revolutionising the Portuguese swimwear market, therefore fulfilling the necessity in the field to provide our customers with the best and unparalleled designs. Women diversity is the foundation of all NYOS inspirations and throughout the years we have reached all types of women, of all kinds of backgrounds and ages. 
Providing our clients with high-quality swimwear is our primary concentration, our fabrics are 100% Made in Italy and our creations are all made in Portugal. Our distinctive designs accompany every woman's style while keeping up with fashion trends of each season.  

In 2019 NYOS identify the necessity to create the "fashion culture" of swimwear and share it with the customers. Not only to provide the best fashion tendecies, but also explain them to everyone who is using NYOS. Why and How. The inspiration of the colours, models, details used in each colection

Our Inspiration


Is to give to our society better knowledge about design, style and newest tendencies. We want that our costumer knows what it means “be in vogue” in Portugal and Worldwide. Our goal is to create the fashion culture. We are sharing with feminine world what we have been learning during our travels, worldwide best fashion markets and events. What inspires us for our creation and how does it all connects with “Beach Cuture”. NYOS represents strong and real woman who may not have time to follow all the fashion news, but definitely knows enough to choose the trendy swimwear and use it  with her own style.


"To have style is to have feeling for what is currently fashionable, and still to simultaneously remain true to oneself!"
Hubert de Givenchy