About Us

About Us

NYOS’ journey began in 2014 with the mission of revolutionising the Portuguese swimsuit market responding to an increasing demand for unparalleled and exceptional designs from our customers. 

Feminine diversity is at the core of NYOS’ vision, and throughout the years, we have represented women; from varying backgrounds and times. In February of 2019, NYOS identified the need to establish a swimwear ‘fashion culture’ and share the latest trends with our customers. NYOS is the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ that inspires the colours, the prints, the models, that embodies the finer details in each collection.


Vision and Mission

We want to share and captivate you with the culture uncovered within the feminine world; whether it is from Portugal or from the travels of a fashion conscious and confident woman, discovering the most remarkable markets and fashion events worldwide.

NYOS strives for quality and exclusivity. Our commitment to sustainability aims to promote environmental responsibility through investment in the present to create a healthier future. Therefore, we have partnered with the ‘Green Company’, a fabric purveyor that cares about the conservation of nature. Green Company uses cutting edge technologies that monitor and reduce waste, using sustainable raw materials such as a recycled yarns.

NYOS remains transparent. We want our customers to learn and discover more about fashion, the process of making our garments and where they are sourced from, all whilst being part of our journey and continued inspiration for design and luxury.


 "To have style is to have a sensitivity for what is fashionable and at the same time remain true to yourself."!
Hubert de Givenchy